The reviews for THE PRICE are in !!

(…and they are all RAVES!!)

“…And then we start to notice that the formula seems paired with artistry, perhaps alchemy. Those who have seen Foxworth and Nevell onstage before might have cast them in the obverse role: Foxworth as the cop, Nevell as the professional. But whether this was the idea of casting director Michael Donovan or that of Davis, the casting here is perfect. After all, the brothers were raised together, and each might have taken the other’s path.”

“The superb quartet of actors draws us into the story and keeps us wondering, guessing, hoping for the best for them, pondering how we might have done differently. The four carry a load of dialogue, but not a word is lost to inarticulateness, not a thought has gone unplumbed by Davis and his cast.”

— Dany Margolies, Long Beach Press-Telegram, OC Register

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“SPELLBINDING… Arthur Miller had his finger on the heartbeat of everyday Americans and the tenor of his times…“The Price, under the sure-handed direction of John Henry Davis, has a cast that plumbs the depths of emotion with world-class assurance, surfing the surging and relaxing waters of passion with skill and confidence. Mr. Nevell gives his character the everyman nobility so characteristic of Miller’s writing.”

— Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes

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“WOW!... POWERFUL, THOUGHT-PROVOKING DRAMA… Even half a century after its Broadway debut, its depiction of the price we pay for the choices we make delivers one powerful punch to the gut.”

“Under John Henry Davis’s incisive direction, Nevell and Foxworth leave indelible impressions in a pair of performances so rich, heartfelt, and heartbreaking that it becomes impossible to determine whose life choices were the better of the two.

— Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

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David will play Vincent in THE PRICE at International City Theatre, May 8-26, 2019. Click on the photo to go to the web site for specific dates/times and for tickets.

David is excited to star in the upcoming web series, "AMERICANA" -- this is a very fun project and I can't wait for you to see it!

David completed shooting as Dr. Koester in JUST LIKE ME AND YOU, a feature film.